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Why Real-Time Data Analysis is Crucial for Healthcare

Scientists believe Artificial Intelligence can free humanity from performing routine tasks in many areas. Healthcare is that area that seems to need these changes the most. While outside it is already 2020, and the majority of businesses are digitalizing themselves. And moving from on-premises infrastructure to clouds. The healthcare industry remains a pain point for […]

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Why The World has Needed the Coronavirus

How and why has humanity created a pandemic? Have inexorable protection mechanisms have been triggered to create what is now created? What scenarios are going to play out in the current situation? Here is why the world has needed the coronavirus. During the last hundred years, humanity has been continuously moving toward self-destruction. Humanity has […]

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Rise of Scams After Coronavirus Outbreak?

Due to the surge of Coronavirus victims worldwide, scammers and hackers are availing this golden opportunity to scam people. The hackers (including a cough) and scammers are always ready to pounce. Her is the rise of scams after the coronavirus outbreak. Find and follow the correct and real sources of information. More than 9,389 death […]