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blockchain multichain vs ethereum

MultiChain vs Ethereum : The Ulitmate Face Off

Blockchain has the two most popular and competitive platforms Multichain Vs. Ethereum. Blockchain has been a buzzword in the tech world. It also has more technical capabilities to offer in the global market. For business owners, investors, and even startups — how can Blockchain help? The undaunting features of Blockchain make it a global leader […]

payment gateway integration

Challenges and Opportunities for Payment Gateway Integration

No doubt, you have come across the term “payment gateway” on the internet and information related to online shopping. Whether you are on your own or not, with your ecommerce or other online payment-related business, you must have tried your way out to understand what this term means in the exact sense. But there are […]

water quality management

Water Quality Monitoring and Management

Much of today’s world has very technologically advanced, and there seems to be no end in sight. Developments are rapidly being made, defying nature, and resulting in a more artificially based existence. We see it daily in our news feeds, where we are moving away from nature and moving towards the hands of technology. Here […]

ai enterainment industry

How AI is Transforming the Entertainment Industry

Nowadays, the entertainment industry is changing drastically because of the advent of artificial intelligence. AI technology has already penetrated our daily lives. And today AI technology companies not only offer outstanding solutions for the professional environment but are also actively altering the entertainment industry. We are all now on the edge of the technological revolution […]


The Role of Blockchain in High-End and Luxury Retail

Class and sophistication are adjectives of a luxury brand. Customers in this category have one thing in common – they appreciate the subtle things. Blockchain technology can play a role in serving this clientele.? The luxury market value is estimated at $3 trillion. The higher dollar amount means you’re playing in the big league. You […]

medical device vulnerabilities

Improving Responses to Medical Device Vulnerabilities

You might somehow stand a breach in your personal computer, but getting your medical device hacked is a lot worse. These devices are accountable for so many lives, and the manufacturers must not overlook the vulnerabilities at any cost. Here is improving responses to medical device vulnerabilities. The concern about medical devices’ cybersecurity came into […]

visual merchandising

Visual Merchandising: Online Startups Cannot Afford to OverlookVisual Merchandising: Online Startups Cannot Afford to Overlook

Into the realm of visual merchandising, we are going to see how this vital and exciting marketing technique can propel sales in the fashion business. Retail stores have long been using visual merchandising as an effective way to provide customers with a unique experience of purchasing products. Here is why online startups cannot afford to […]

teamwork trends

7 Teamwork Trends that Will Impact Your Business

The last decade has seen huge shifts in the way teams and businesses work together. Today, it’s more and more common for businesses to hire remote employees, outsource to service providers, and allow flexible working. Here are seven teamwork trends that will impact your business. Businesses must learn to collaborate on a higher level. To […]

online shopping

How Online Shopping is Evolving with the Times

Consumers are increasingly making high-consideration purchases online, and I believe this is a pivotal shift in the commerce landscape that will force retailers to rethink their customer experiences both online and in-store. Content will be key. Traditionally, high-consideration purchases happened solely in stores. When you think about a high-consideration purchase you’re talking anything that you […]

ai and computing networks

Could Light Switches Have Morals?

There’s a revolution underway at the edge of computer networks, where devices are getting better at assessing circumstances, analyzing data locally, and then actuating more services for consumers instead of relying on the cloud for all of that “intelligence.” But could light switches have morals? Innovation at the Edge is being driven by the need […]


How Will Artificial Intelligence Shape Up the Future of the Internet

The future where people can delegate mundane tasks to a machine is not far from happening. From starting the laundry down to cooking dinner after a long day is about to be over. Artificial Intelligence has really helped shape our internet today. After all, we can already communicate with virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri and […]

web app development

PHP Web App Development: 5 tips for Effective Use

PHP Web App Development has been the most trending choice of Project Implementation in the last five years. Every business aims to build a high-powered Web App. Your app dev for your project implementation directly has an impact on the reputation and popularity of your company and site. You will want to pick the right […]