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How to Measure and Analyze Content Marketing Success

By now, virtually every brand across any industry or niche is doing some form of content marketing. Many of these businesses have formal content marketing strategies with editorial guidelines, content calendars, and posting schedules. But very few take the time to carefully measure content marketing results. And unfortunately, this comprises the very integrity of these […]

virtual blockchain speakers

Top 20 Virtual Blockchain Speakers

When you want to understand blockchain technology and get a grip on what’s happening in the cryptoworld, you need to stop and listen. In an environment moving this fast, you need to hear from the people who are building the networks, managing the trades, and watching the changes. Here are twenty virtual blockchain speakers who […]

8 Best Action Cameras

8 Best Action Cameras

When this COVID-19 stuff gives us a little break — admit it — you are going to have to get out of the house and go make some history. The best way to make history is with a fantastic camera. Here are the eight best action cameras. Like your smartphone, action cameras can shoot high-quality […]

real-time data healthcare

Why Real-Time Data Analysis is Crucial for Healthcare

Scientists believe Artificial Intelligence can free humanity from performing routine tasks in many areas. Healthcare is that area that seems to need these changes the most. While outside it is already 2020, and the majority of businesses are digitalizing themselves. And moving from on-premises infrastructure to clouds. The healthcare industry remains a pain point for […]

building creativity remote teams

Building Creativity into Remote Teams

Building creativity into remote teams is a huge priority for companies of all shapes and sizes. It’s how new ideas form and become reality, establishing a competitive edge. The most successful companies are oftentimes also the most creative in how they find unique paths to productivity and build products that customers didn’t know they needed. […]

black twitter

How Black Twitter is Shaping the Online World

Black Twitter was never designed specifically for this particular purpose. Twitter is not a forum that allows users to create communities. But through retweets, follows, hashtags, and other modes of interaction the website allows? — Twitter has become home to multitudes of influential networks. Among them, Black Twitter has emerged as a force. Powered by […]

ai dating app

AI for Dating Apps: How Machines Help People Find Love

In the last decade, a vast amount of couples have met online. Finding love with dating apps is already an everyday reality. With our hectic lifestyles and breathtaking life paces, people often lack time to go out an search for an appropriate date. Thus, dating applications have become the norm and come in handy for […]

smart warehouse

IoT Ecosystem Creates an Optimized Smart Warehouse

IoT has potential in nearly every conceivable sector. As new technology spurs IoT growth across both commercial and industrial markets, the possibilities of this interconnectivity become increasingly evident. The organizations that see the most development in the coming years will be those that leverage this advancement. Here is the right IoT ecosystem that creates an […]

remote work

7 Tips for Making the Most of Remote Work in 2020

The modern workforce is increasingly remote, and that’s significantly changing the way teams and leadership interact, solve problems, and get the day’s work done. Trying to run remote work as a traditional office will not only introduce a wide range of barriers to your projects, but it can also frustrate your team and obliterate the […]

snack box for remote teams

The Best Work From Home Snack Box for Remote Teams

Our day-to-day lives have shifted dramatically in the past few months. Companies are pivoting their products and marketing while passionate, innovative teams are now working remotely. The fire to stay healthy and productive is lit, but flickering. Here is the best work from home snack box for remote teams. There are some standard creature comforts […]

learn languages

10 Study Tips to Learn Languages

It’s not easy to learn a new language, but there are many ways in which you can trick your brain so that you can learn faster without having to make as much of an effort. Neuroscientists have found some brain hacks with which you can learn a language pretty fast, and you’ll remember what you […]